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5SOS on Tour - Video Diary Part 3

@Calum5SOS: Almond milk sucks



this would so work on me 


♔ Go a head rip my heart out, show me what writings all about 

What is this writing pack you speak of? 

This writing pack contains four items, to which you will receive. 

  • Fake tweet {with photo & mini blurb}
  • A Oneshot {1,500+ Words}
  • One Mini Series {3 parts, of 500+ words}
All writing pieces will contain your name, and will be of the boy of your choice. {1D or 5sauce} 
How do I get these? 

3+ People can have the chance to get everything listed above. 

  • Reblog this post; Likes will not give you a chance
  • Follow me
I will choose
June 30th. I will send a message/ask to everyone who was chosen. If you don’t respond by July 4th, I will choose someone else.  

If this goes well, I will do this again in September, November, January, etc… Basically every other month! 

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